Nautical Steampunk Decor

The steampunk style of design, little known or understood for years, has lately gained a serious following, with good reason. Mixing old and new, usable modern technology with the aesthetic of the Victorian age, this style has influenced not only home decor, but fashion, film, and product design.

Think of Disney's early adaptations of Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days. 


Or how about the crazy inventions of Caractacus Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? 


Abounding with brass, copper, old books, leather and lace, mechanical gears and springs; embracing the beauty of those things aged, reworked, marred, and re-purposed, this style naturally lends itself to lovers of nautical design. Coastal Style Gifts has an abundant supply of items fitting this warmly industrial approach. 

Pelham Propeller Wall Decor - Bringing an industrial element to any home, this set of three handmade iron vintage propellers will become a nostalgic conversation piece in any home. 

This solid brass hanging reproduction of a sailing ship cabin compass, mounted on a 360° double gimbaled ring system, is beautifully detailed and polished to a high luster. 


Regarded as the Rolls Royce of nautical sextants, this Hampton Nautical premium quality reproduction of the Rolls Royce of sextants, the C. Plath, is the best sextant we offer. Each is stamped with a unique serial number and comes with a solid rosewood, felt-lined box with a brass filling of an anchor and rope. 

We hope you enjoy browsing our fun selection and finding ways to make this unique style your own!

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