Mirrors Reflect Your Coastal Spirit

Mirrors Reflect Your Coastal Spirit

"You're a cavity in my oasis, 
You're a porthole in my sea,
You're a stretch of the imagination
every time you look at me.

You're an ocean in my wineglass,
You're a Steinway on the beach,
You're a captivating audience,
an exciting Rembrandt,
A Masterpiece.” 
     ~ Charlotte M Liebel


For anyone wanting to add some great texture to a Nautical-themed space, this Sea-worn Porthole Mirror is just the touch. While appearing authentically hefty, each is constructed of lightweight wood and fiberglass to make it fitting for home wall decor. The classic look is enhanced with rivets and two dog-ears. These handcrafted pieces are modeled after the porthole of a 19th-century ship and boast a mirrored surface to enhance any room in which it is hung.  Similar Porthole Mirrors are available in various sizes, finishes, and hand-painted colors here. 

RealSimple.com offers, "A well-placed mirror can open up a room, alter a view, or reflect a little personality." 

Mirrors can transform a tiny roomy into a roomy room instantly. So much more than a simple reflection, mirrors are about light, energy, space, a warm welcome. They may be hung across from windows, hung in groups, leaned on walls, or mounted over fireplaces. You might surround them with candlesticks, sconces, flowers, or crystals, or add seasonal accents or holiday decorations. Mirrors are included in the practice of feng shui, representing the water element and creating places to help the flow of energy. Regardless of your taste or style of decor, mirrors can rise to the occasion of helping to bring yours to life. Let your home reflect the seafaring part of your soul.

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