Hang a Mood On Your Walls

Expecting family and friends during this joyous season but feeling like the space doesn't convey the welcome you want it to? We're here to help.

We have probably all walked into a room and felt immediately at home. Whether created purposefully for visitors or as a happy accident of being lived in and enjoyed, that feeling was likely drawn up by the colors, textures, and character of the things that filled the space - and no matter the furniture or flooring you choose, few things can bring your taste and personality to a room than well-chosen Wall Art. 

Coastal Style Gifts is happy to offer a nautical selection that is sure to help you find just the right pieces to help you bring the beach home. Figuring out what you want should be a fun and exciting process, a chance to make the space your own.

Both an accent and a unifying element, Wall Art ties a room together and defines its energy. Do you want it to be a warm, informal gathering place? A polished but welcoming meeting and greeting area? The composition of your art can help to accomplish this characterization. Defining the focal point of the room, adding energy and flair, artwork sets a mood for the space.

Large pieces can be used as strategically placed attention catchers, placed on walls with enough space to frame the item and draw attention. Grouping small paintings asymmetrically to creatively catch the eye or symmetrically to create an orderly, neat appearance; selecting a bold color or two to match from the room; selecting the simple depth of black and white; or adding depth of color and texture by means of interesting frames, borders, or fabrics. There are so many options to play with to bring about the look and feel you want. Lifehackers.com offers a great tip to make a breeze of hanging several framed items at once. 

Have fun! Choose things you truly enjoy and will love living among, but don't be afraid to move, exchange, or add to them if you feel they are becoming stale. Experiment with colors and themes throughout the room and learn what brings you pleasure. Don't be afraid to move things if the space is telling you that something works better. Most of all, let Coastal Style Gifts inspire you with our collections of carefully selected wall art...and enjoy!

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