Six Inexpensive Ideas to Update a Home in Coastal Style

There are many ways to make updates to your home without spending alot of time and money.  Here are six inexpensive coastal inspired decorating ideas that won't break the bank! 

1.  Brighten up a room with coastal style lamps.  Lighting at different levels in rooms can create a vibrant impact.  Many people think by just adding a few table lamps here and there will be adequate. But that's just what they get: adequate.  Instead try illuminating a room by varying the lighting to create different moods at different times.  Create a cozy beach cottage look with classic cottage shutter lamps in weathered finishes. Looking for something more nautical? Set sail with our double iron Sailboat Table Lamp. 

2.  Add new pillows.  Changing a few aspects of a room can give it an entirely new look.  If you want to add a pop of color but don't know where to begin start with coastal themed accent pillows.  They're inexpensive and come in a varity of colors, textures, and sizes.  Depending on your coastal style you can choose from bold nautical themed prints to soft and casual beach cottage chic to bright, tropical paradise inspired designs. 

3.  Change the hardware.  Give a room a new look by focusing on the small details.  For instance, in the bathroom add immediate coastal flair by simply changing your standard toilet flush handle with one of our coastal inspired toilet flush handles. 

4.  Use plants.  Plants are not only an inexpensive way to add visual appeal to a room, they help improve indoor air by filtering out contaminants.  Use decorative plantrs to add a subtle coastal influence. For an added beach themed look, add small shells or sea glass to the base of the plant. 

5.  Hang new wall art.  Finding new prints can dramatically change a room's ambience. And look beyond framed art and prints. Consider making a statement by adding nautical signal flag letters. Another idea is to incorporate shadow boxes filled with beach treasures.  There are alot of ways to let your walls do the talking! 

6. Try a new coat of paint.  Painting is one fo the least expensive yet most dramatic methods of changing your home interior.  What's on your coastal palette? Visit Sherwin Williams and try out their Chip It program to find the perfect colors for your room.

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