Decorating Your Bedroom in Coastal Style

If you're looking to decorate your home in coastal style, there's no better place to start than in the bedroom.  Beach bedroom decor doesn't necessarily mean redoing your entire bedroom.  While it's true adding 'hard touches' such as wainscoting and shutters do make a room look more coastal, there are many 'soft decorating' touches you can do instead, that are easier, faster, and more affordable. 

Soft touches involve incorporating a variety of home decoration items (i.e. accessories) into your existing befroom to give it that coastal decor flair you're looking for. 

Naturally, it all starts with the bed itself.  The bed is the focal point of any bedroom, so it should be 'dressed' in the style of seaside decor.  Bedspreads done in beach style can go a long way to making your room look more coastal.  A beach themed bedspread doesn't necessarily have to have seashells on it in order to be considered coastal decorating. A patterned bedspread or bedspread done with colors of the seashore works just as well. 

For an extra pop of color and extra beach house decor, accent pillows with bold graphics and nautical themes should be added to the bed ensemble. 

Beach wall art also plays an important part in coastal decor.  This can include any kind of nautical wall decor like mirrors with nautical themes, shadow boxes with souvenirs of the seaside in them, or frames done in a weathered wash finish which is a very popular beach look. 

Another common theme in beach wall art is vintage style wooden signal flag signs. Real signal flags have a language all their own and with the wide variety of wooden signal flag signs today, you can actually 'spell' out messages on your wall, sharing their true meaning with the most special people in your life. Decorative oars and paddles add a subtle nautical 

When decorating your bedroom in beach decor, don't forget the surfaces. Dressers, nightstands, and bookshelves are wonderful places to put hurricane lamps, nautical inspired tea lights, and even large glass bottles that come in the colors of the ocean, such as cobalt blue and fanciful turquoise, and the sand such as golden amber.  These bottles can be left as is, turned into lamps, or even filled with small shells and sand. Even glass masonry jars filled with shells and beach glass add instant (and inexpensive) beach cottage charm. 

There are many soft touches you can do to your bedroom to make it feel more like a beach house bedroom. By focusing on soft touches and decorating with with a combination of home accessories and treasures you find at the shore, you can save yourself the expense and aggravation of a true home remodel. Best of all, you can add and remove pieces whenever the mood strikes to create the seaside bedroom decor of your dreams.

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