Three Decorating Rules When Decorating with Coastal Themed Accent Pillows

When you're looking to give your home a coastal theme, the easiest way to start is by adding beach themed accent pillows.  Accent pillows come in a variety of different colors, fabrics, and bold graphic prints.  You can choose from many different coastal styles.  Accent pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to bring seaside decor into your home. However, just because they are easy and inexpensive doesn't mean that every pillow will go with an already established look.  When decorating with accent pillows, there are three rules to know that will help give you the chic home decor of your dreams. 

1.  Have a Plan 

It's important that before you start buying any accent pillows that you plan for your overall coastal decorating scheme.  Study your existing furniture, is it beach themed furniture? Do you have any wall art? What about the colors or patterns on your existing sofa and chairs?  What are they like? 

Once you've determined what you have, you can determine what complements and contrasts with it. Most often you're looking for a contrast instead of something that blends in. For example, if your sofa is a light color or has a delicate pattern, you may want to go with a coastal themed accent pillow that has a single bold graphic done in a powerful color, like a red crab for instance. 

2.  Odds are Better than Evens 

The next rule for seaside decorating with accent pillows is that odds are more often better than evens. Specifically, if you're looking to put accent pillows on the sofa or couch, then you may want to consider five: Two large accents pillows, two medium ones, and one small one.   

The smallest pillow should be the most distinct pillow, with the most interesting texture or the boldest graphic. You need something that will set it apart from the other pillows and draw attention to it. Even though it is small, it'll make a big statement. 

The pair of large pillows in this example should be the most subdued.  This can be accomplished with color or with a fine delicate pattern, like small white seahorses on a blue background for instance. 

The medium pair of pillows should contrast with the large pillows, but still complement them. For example, if the large pillows have small graphics (like the seahorses mentioned above), then the same graphic, only larger, would work for the medium pillows. Such as a single large seahorse against a blue background. 

You don't need to rely strictly on color or pattern alone to make this contrast; it can also be achieved with distinctive fabrics such as burlap, cotton or woven. 

3.  KISS- Keep It Seriously Simple 

Above all, the number one rule in chic home decorating with seaside decor is to keep it simple. We've already mentioned that you don't want to have more than five pillows on any single sofa or couch. Loveseats should have 3 or 5 pillows, while large chairs or recliners will look great with up to three. A basic chair should have one pillow. While all pillows should be somewhat similar and complimentary to one another, they should not necessarily be the same pillow. 

Be bold when you pick your pillows, experiment with different colors, patterns, shapes, and textures. Look for pillows to provide a sharp contrast but still look good together. That's the real secret of decorating withcoastal style accent pillows.

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